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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fantastic, Fabulous Flats!

             We all LOVE the cute look of flats, but do we LOVE the comfort...not always. Believe it or not there are COMFORTABLE flats out there! When you wear a shoe that is completely flat and has a thin sole and no support it is virtually like walking barefoot on hard surfaces. At E.G.Geller Shoes we carry some wonderful flats that are both comfortable and cute! One brand that specializes in comfort flats is Paul Mayer. Paul Mayer's flats are chic, classy, comfortable and handmade with the finest leathers and materials. These flats have a cushioning outsole and the ability to be singed up around the foot like an actual ballerina flat. Another great brand is Ara. Ara shoes are made in Germany with the latest technology in shoe craftsmanship. They make a stylish flat in many colors and tones including copper, white, black and pewter among others that has good arch support and cushioned outsole. A few more brands with cute comfort flats include Born Crown, Naot and Geox. Check them out! 


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