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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Truly Timeless!

Everyone has heard of Birkenstock! They’re part of history! Birkenstock shoes go all the way back to 1774 when Johann Adam Birkenstock registered as a shoemaker in Germany. In 1897 Konrad Birkenstock, Johann’s grandson, created the first insole used by shoemakers.Konrad then went on to develop a flexible arch support that was inserted in shoes made in factories. By 1964 Karl Birkenstock transformed these insoles into the Birkenstock sandal. It wasn’t long before Birkenstocks found their way to the USA in 1967 and became an everyday shoe. Birkenstock shoes have a great deal of arch support and offer various widths and arch lengths to insure an ideal fit. Some people who try Birkenstocks for the first time feel that they are too wide or lose, but really they actually fit. The comfort of a Birkenstock comes from the supportive footbed and the room your foot has to move and breathe. In recent years Birkenstock had introduced their “soft footbed” where they have put a layer of latex cushioning on top of the cork in order to provide a little cushion over the support. So far at E.G.Geller we have seen a great reaction of the “soft footbed” from our Birkenstock customers who have worn Birkenstocks (often the same pair) for over ten years. If you are not someone interested in the styling of Birkenstock shoes then you should definitely try the Birkenstock Blue Insoles.These insoles come in different widths and arch lengths and are compatible with many shoe types. I personally put them in some of my deeper flats and in my tennis shoes. If you are interested in a pair of arch supports call us at E.G.Geller (800)-321-8066 and we can determine which size and width would fit you best. Check out our large selection of Birkenstocks HERE.


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