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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Comfortable Heels? YES!

YES, In my opinion there is such thing as a comfortable high heel! Women tend to buy heels that are two small and cram their feet into them. Doing this can cause extreme discomfort and ultimately result in a beautiful bunion on your foot or a painful neuroma. Although a portion of bunions are due to a genetic family history of foot issues most are due to wearing shoes that are the wrong size. LADIES, 6 is just a number! It is important to realize that although you were a size 6 when you were 18 most women's feet flatten out and grow in time. It is important to get fitted in the right size shoes! Now that I have that out of my system, we can get on discussing some brands that create some truly comfortable heels. I'll start with Anyi Lu, she is a brilliant women who is involved with both the design and construction of her shoes. One of the most comfortable heels I've ever put on was one of hers called the "Tulip"! She makes it every season in different leathers, always adding a little something here and there including more arch support and cushioning in the ball of the foot. Another great brand is Gabor. They are an old German company that really puts a good shock absorbing sole on their heels and a lot of cushion under the ball of the foot. Theirry Rabotin also makes a variety of unique, comfort dress shoes every season. Thierry uses lambskin leather and poron cushioning to create a shoe that is not only beautiful, but feels like a glove on your foot. As a woman, wearing heels is just a part of life! We all want to look fabulous, so why not feel good while we're doing it. Check out some of the brands I've talked about today and find the right heel for you. It's time to throw out those 20 minute shoes and wear something that will make you and your feet happy!

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