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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The World's Finest Walking Shoes

        This Evening I want to share a little about Mephisto with you. E.G.Geller began decades go as a Mephisto concept store and we built our business with this brand. Martin Michaeli started Mephisto in 1965 and distributed his shoes throughout Europe. In 1984 the very first Mephisto store opened in Germany and soon after Mephisto entered the U.S. market opening a subsidiary in 1987. Martin Michaeli has recieved numerous awards in France including the "Oscar del' Exportation" in 1994 and the "National Order of Merit" from France's former president Francois Mitterrand in 1995. By 1998 Mephisto offered 600 models being distributed in 50 countries. In 1999 Michaeli was chosen over 5000 French companies as "Entrepreneur of the Year". Mephisto became a world famous brand creating comfort shoes for both casual and dress. Mephisto uses cutting edge technology to design and manufacture their brilliant footwear. Today, E.G.Geller Shoes carries a very large selection of Mephisto's! We pride ourselves in selling a shoe that is handmade with the finest materials, can be refurbished and is extremely comfortable. Check out our selection HERE!


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