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Thursday, May 5, 2011

אתה תאהב את הנעליים האלה (You Will Love These Shoes)

          Today I want to talk a little about Naot! Naot is a brand that really works for a lot of feet and is really doing a wonderful job merging comfort and fashion. Naot was established in 1942 in Neot Mordechai, Israel by Teva Naot. Over the years they have become a leading brand in Israel, but also really expanded throughout the world and they do a great deal of business in the U.S. Naot makes women's, men's and children's shoes ranging from sandals to boots. Their shoes incorporate a suede lined cork and latex footbed that conforms and molds around the foot. Their footbed works for many foot types and can really aid someone looking for an everyday shoe with good cushioning and arch support. Aside from creating a quality product, Naot's U.S. distributer, Yaleet Inc., donates thousands of shoes each year to various groups and organizations including victims of natural disaster and women's shelters. It really is a great feeling wearing a comfortable, quality made shoe from a company that is so dedicated to the community and to their customers. If you're interested in Naot CLICK HERE to view E.G.Geller's selection!


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