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Friday, July 8, 2011

Magical, Miraculous Mary Jane MBT!

Hey Ladies, 
      I know many of you love wearing your MBT shoes everyday. A lot of women wear them as an exercise tool or as an all day, everyday shoe. Many MBT styles lean more towards the athletic look and some women are hesitant to wear them because of their clunkiness, but I tell you what I make a point, as I did this evening walking at the park, to compliment a woman on her MBTs or ask her how she likes them. I wear my "Baridi" style athletic mary janes to walk every night and I actually get compliments or people stop to ask me about them. I think people who exercise on a regular basis and experience stress on the back and joints realize how important comfortable footwear is. Well, before I went off on this "MBTs are awesome" spiel I was going to suggest a MBT for women who want to wear them in a more formal, professional setting. A newer style called the "Sirima" is perfect for everyday work wear! Check it out here.
"Sirima" By MBT


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