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Friday, July 1, 2011

Bad Footwear Spotting!

             So today I got on Twitter and saw that my friend had "mentioned" me in one of her "tweets" and there was a link to this lovely photo...
Woman With Bad Shoes/Feet
She tweeted the words "potential new client?" 

     Unfortunately I see people like this all the time because I am always looking at people's shoes and or feet. I don't want to be rude and approach them or even hand out my business card in fear of embarrassing them. Instead, I am just going to blog about it in hopes that people that wont wear good footwear will read this.
     For many price may be an issue, but who could really put a price on your feet looking horrible and your shoes fitting improperly? Trust me, I am not the only one who notices. 
      To have a pair of very supportive, quality made shoes that don't look orthopedic and make your whole body feel good is priceless in my opinion. 

Some alternatives to the pair of sandals worn in the photo above are...


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