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Monday, June 27, 2011

Fashion Forward!

           The weather is beautiful and there's no reason you shouldn't feel beautiful as well! When you get dressed every morning do you pick out what's going to be most comfortable or what will look fabulous? I believe it is easy to do both. When I wake up in the morning I first think of what I have planned to do that day and then I brush my teeth of course and then I'll look at my closet and pick something that will look nice and feel comfortable all day long. Something like a well-fitted pair of denim and a comfortable blouse or a soft cotton dress. I honestly find it more fun to pick out the shoes and the accessories I will wear with my outfit!
On a normal day I may wear something like this...
and pair it with something like this...

"Daisy" By Anyi Lu
"D501062" By AGL
"Honeysuckle" By  Born Crown

and of course I'd throw on one of these...

What do you think of a simple everyday look like this?


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