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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Sandal Time!

                The weather is warm and we've all got out our old summer sandals, but don't you think its time for some new ones? Not only could we all use some new sandals, but we could all defiantly use some support in those sandals. Many women throw on the plastic summer flip flops without realizing the damage they are doing to their feet. When you don't support your arch it will fall over time and when you do not provide a substantial sole between you and the ground there is a good chance the natural cushioning on your feet will diminish over time. There are a ton of stylish yet supportive sandals to choose from at E.G.Geller. Some specific sandals I may suggest would be Finn Comfort's Catalina or the Adana. Both of these sandals have a TON of support with a cork and latex footbed that will conform to your foot over time and can be removed and replaced after a few years of wear. YES, I said a few years. Finn Comforts have a history of lasting a very long time because of the natural, long lasting materials and the great craftsmanship of the shoe. Mephisto is another fabulous company that makes a very supportive, seasonally reoccurring sandal called the Helen. The helen is a classic that has been produced and sold successfully for decades. Not only has this shoe been sold for decades it has also been known to last for decades. The Helen is handmade is France and consists of a natural rubber sole with a cork and latex insole that conforms to the foot for maximum support and cushioning. Aside from Mephisto and Finn Comfort there are also the Naot sandals and the Birkenstocks. Naot makes a lot of very stylish, lightweight, supportive sandals that also have a conforming cork and latex footbed. Naots are crafted in Israel and wear very well. Birkenstocks are their own genre of shoe that have been made for decades. They originally had pretty hard footbeds that conform over time and they still do, but they've also introduced a soft footbed that can be great for people who have never worn Birkenstocks before. All of the sandals I've discussed have wonderful support and style. You can wear them to dinner, to the beach or even around there house. There is nearly a sandal for every occasion. I hope you can find your new perfect sandal for this summer season and many to come. If you would like further assistance in choosing your sandal or if you'd like to know how a specific sandal fits you can always stop into one of our three locations or give us a call at 1-800-321-8066!


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