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Friday, October 7, 2011

Rock This Way...!

Hey Everyone! 
               We'd love to give you a quick look at some of the new styles in our rocker bottom shoes selection! We have new styles from Finn Comfort (Finnamic)MBT and Mephisto (Sano). Each of these manufacturers specialize in different variations of the rocker bottom technology. The Finn Comfort "Finnamic" is designed with a great deal of support and comfort and is considered a stable shoe. The MBT is the original rocker bottom that is considered unstable and is designed to replicate walking on soft surfaces like sand.The Mephisto Sano is designed to be a stable shoe with a 100% natural rubber sole that provides great shock absorbency. All of these technologies are designed to help improve posture, take stress of your joints, work neglected muscle groups and increase circulation. It is a very healthy concept not only for your feet, but for your entire body.

Check out the latest rocker bottom shoes that have "rolled" in to E.G.Geller...
"Ikebukuro" By Finn Comfort

"Evasion" By Mephisto
"Mahuta" By MBT



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