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Friday, February 18, 2011

Healthy Feet...Healthy Body!

           We hear a lot of talk about wellness and health and there are a lot of factors involved in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We've previously discussed the role proper foot health plays in providing wellness for the whole body and we want to give you some tips and ideas:

Always wear shoes that have a good arch and metatarsal support.
NEVER wear shoes that are too tight and scrunch your toes; this may result in bunions! Who wants a BUNION?
Wash your feet daily!Ladies, try to only wear heels when it is really necessary because they can cause damage to the feet and body including arthritis or cause a deformation of the arch in you foot. If necessary try and wear a heel with a shorter heel height, a broader heel width for stability and has some cushioning and arch support. Some brands I would recommend for a comfortable dress shoe would include Anyi Lu, Beautifeel and Theirry Rabotin to name a few.
  • Trim your toenails! Overgrown toenails will not only cause discomfort, but can result in more serious long term issues including in grown toe nails.
  • Wear shoes all the time. Preferably supportive shoes! Most people spend the majority of the time in their homes and fail to wear proper footwear. Fuzzy warm slippers are great on a cold winter day, but may I suggest something like a Haflinger House Slipper! These House Shoes have a conformable cork footbed that supports the foot and they are made of warm wool that provides warmth for your feet. So you can have your fuzzy and your comfort in one! (The owner of E.G.Geller shoes has been in the shoe industry for over 45 years and wears these everyday)
  • Maintain healthy eating habits and regular physical activity. Doing this could help treat and maintain diabetes, which in nearly half the cases invloves some sort of foot related problem. My suggestion: if you are able to avoid the diabetes by maintaining a healthy lifestyle you can avoid the foot problems that are associated.


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